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Resource guide helps local families find help they need
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The Hall County school system has released its 2016-17 Community Resource Guide, which includes telephone numbers, website addresses, locations and services of various local agencies.

“Families are able to find the agencies that will best suit their needs at a certain time,” said Laura Terrell, a social worker with the school system.

The guide includes contact information for available medical services, youth groups, education programs, community centers, social service nonprofits, employment training, senior living assistance and local government agencies, among others.

“Families may not be aware of some of the great resources that are available in this county, and the Community Resource Guide puts them all in one place,” Terrell said.

Published annually since 2009, the guide is “helpful because staff at the school level can print out an individual page or pages of the guide that they think will benefit a family,” she added.

Terrell said she contacts agencies each year to update their page in the guide, and many agencies have reached out to her to be included.

“The guide is used by many other community agencies and is available on the websites of many agencies listed in the guide,” Terrell said.

The guide will be available soon online at

To request additions, deletions or changes to the Community Resource Guide, contact Hall County School System Student Services at 770-967-5846 or by email

Community Resource Guide 2016-17
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