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Republic of Georgia delegates visit Forsyth County
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The inner workings of Forsyth County elections were passed on to residents of the Republic of Georgia on Tuesday.

As part of the Library of Congress Open World Program, a delegation of Georgians hosted by the Georgia to Georgia Foundation traveled from the nation to the state for 10 days.

Group facilitator Tinatin Museridze said the goal of the program is to “bring professionals from former Soviet Union countries ... to the United States to share the experiences in different fields, like politics, government (and) economic development.”

The group focused on election campaigns and finances and included six representatives from associated fields.

During their visit to Forsyth, the delegates met with Dennis Brown, a member of the Georgia to Georgia Foundation who has visited the country several times.

During the delegation’s visit, Brown provided some tips he gathered from elected officials on running a local campaign.

He also fielded questions on fundraising rules, reporting donations, the role of social media and more.

Commissioner Todd Levent and Forsyth County Tea Party member Ralph Stepp also spoke.

Levent discussed his experiences in running a campaign, and Stepp talked about the role the tea party plays in American elections.

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