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WATCH: U.S. House 9th District candidates on the issues in Times Talks forum
U.S. House 9th District Forum
The Times will be publishing candidate information over the next few weeks for contested races, which can be found at The Times has also hosted virtual forums for select races: state House District 29 and 30 and U.S. House District 9. The U.S. House District 9 event was held  at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 6. Learn more at

Times Talks | Forum with candidates for U.S. House 9th District

A live forum with candidates for U.S. House 9th District, Republican Andrew Clyde and Democrat Devin Pandy.

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Economy, budget deficit 

Clyde: “Out-of-control spending is not a good thing. Everybody needs to stay within their budget. Our government needs to stick inside its budget. When we continue to borrow, somebody is going to have to pay that back.” 

Pandy: “Debt is not OK, but if we’re going to have debt, let’s have it because we did things that were good for this country. Let’s have a plan to keep our citizens safe and have a plan to reverse that debt when we’re done.” 


COVID-19 pandemic response 

Clyde: “In many ways, I think the federal government, especially the Trump administration, has done an excellent job. … But it needs to be a limited response. We need to get people back to work. I think we’re on the right path.” 

Pandy: “We need to open back up – safely. We know masks save lives. We know social distancing helps with that. Why is it that our president, the most powerful person in the world, cannot bring himself to wear a mask?”

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Health care 

Clyde: “I think everyone should be able to have access to … good, affordable health care. Obamacare was a complete failure. The private market system is the best way to go. When you allow competition within the health care system and not government intervention, that’s when health care costs will go down.” 

Pandy: “We must save our rural hospitals. We must pass the (federal) Save Rural Hospitals Act. It is one of the best ways to ensure our citizens have the coverage they need and the facilities they can go to. Another thing is Gov. Brian Kemp can give another 450,000 additional people insurance by expanding Medicaid.” 

Law enforcement issues, reforms  

Clyde: “People can protest all they want to. If they want to protest against the government for a grievance, great, I’m all for that. But when protests turn to riots, that’s not OK. … and I’m a law and order kind of guy. We need to come together as a country and not divide ourselves.” 

Pandy: “President Trump did not create racism, but he fans the flames more than he does anything to douse them. … ‘Stand back and stand by’ is not a way of stemming our divide. The (Black Lives Matter) is a movement for everyone, for every demographic of people that’s been prejudiced against.”