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Police: 11-year-old severely burned after lighting paper with rubbing alcohol
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An 11-year-old recreating a stunt seen on YouTube led to severe burns from rubbing alcohol, police said.

Cornelia Police officers responded Sunday to Berry Street, where they were led to the boy lying on a bed. He had “severe burns to his chest, face and eyes,” according to the department’s Facebook page.

The boy was taken to Grady Hospital. Assistant Police Chief Jonathan Roberts said investigators spoke with the mother Monday, June 11, and found the burns “were not as deep as first thought,” and the child is expected to make a full recovery.

“There are videos on YouTube that ‘show’ viewers how to light paper that has been saturated with rubbing alcohol and then the paper is waved around in order to extinguish the flames,” according to the police department’s Facebook page. “If done ‘properly,’ the paper shows no sign of being burned. The juvenile’s attempt in recreating this caused the bottle of alcohol to explode, resulting in the damage to the house and his burns.”

Police asked parents to monitor children’s social media and internet activity.

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