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Oakwood QuikTrip location to be revamped
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In an effort QuikTrip calls “scrape and build,” the Tulsa, Okla.-based convenience store chain is planning to build a new, larger store off Mundy Mill Road in Oakwood while operating the current store.

Once the new store is built and ready to go, the old one will be razed.

“That way, it’s a seamless transition,” spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said. “We never shut the existing store down until the new one’s ready.”

Thornbrugh didn’t have details on the exact location of the new store but said it will be on the same property. The company has been doing “scrape and builds” for a while, even on property where it’s a tight squeeze.

“We built one in downtown Tulsa and ... there was maybe a 5-foot difference (between the new and old store),” he said.

The new QuikTrip will be a “Generation 3” model, similar to the one recently built off Ga. 369/Jesse Jewell Parkway and U.S. 129/Limestone Parkway and across from New Holland Market.

“It’s a completely different look both outside and inside,” Thornbrugh said.

The store will be 5,700 square feet in size, compared to about 4,200 square feet in the current building.

One other key difference is the store will have both front and side entrances, with the rear reserved for vendors.

“The intent is ... to really spread the traffic out to make it easier for those at the pump and easier for those who come inside,” Thornbrugh said.

The project will be timed with Oakwood’s planned construction of a new road between Ga. 53/Mundy Mill Road and Ga. 13/Atlanta Highway and connecting at Curt Lance Way.

“We’re waiting on that to materialize before we start construction,” Thornbrugh said. “We’re ready.”

Once work gets going, the QT project could take about 6-7 months to complete.

“It’s a big facility — a lot of work,” Thornbrugh said.

The Regions Bank next to the store won’t be affected by the Hughes Drive Extension project, which should begin in early June, Oakwood City Manager Stan Brown said.

The project, which could be finished this fall, costs $1 million for right of way and $1.4 million for construction.

The work will be done in partnership with Milton Martin Toyota, which has acquired 20 acres off Ga. 13 near Interstate 985, Brown said.

Milton Martin has plans to move its dealership to that property from its current site at 2350 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville.

“There will be some land in there that will be primed for hopefully some good retail/restaurant-type development,” Brown has said.

The dealership is looking at holding a ground-breaking ceremony on the property later this summer, spokeswoman Emily Hayes has said.

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