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North Georgia Community Foundation recognizes couple for service
Swoszowskis have touched the lives of many
Bob and Wanda Swoszowski are the North Georgia Community Foundation’s 2015 Philanthropists of the Year.

A local couple that has supported more than 30 nonprofit organizations throughout the years has been named the North Georgia Community Foundation’s 2015 Philanthropists of the Year.

Bob and Wanda Swoszowski were recognized by NGCF — a foundation dedicated to enhancing quality of life in the Northeast Georgia community — not only for their financial contributions, but also for their service to more than 15 boards and committees that support community projects.

“Bob and Wanda have contributed generously to organizations to help people in our community,” said NGCF President Jim Mathis. “They have touched the lives of many through their scholarship funds, and their support of nonprofits has helped many organizations provide needed assistance.”

The Swoszowskis have supported organizations like the Medical Center Foundation, Gateway Domestic Violence Center, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement. They will be honored at the foundation’s Philanthropy Day Luncheon on Nov. 19.

The award is given each year to individuals known for their humanitarianism and goodwill. A committee of former recipients selects the finalist each year from nominations submitted from a 15-county region in northeast Georgia.

Previous winners include Tommy and Chantal Bagwell, Lorry and Sherrie Schrage, Richard and Phyllis Leet, Walter and Winkie Boomershine, Martha and John Jacobs, Anne and George Thomas, Mike and Lynn Cottrell, Lessie Smithgall, Philip and Mary Hart Wilheit, and Jim Walters.

Founded in 1985 by Lou Fockele and other business leaders, the NGCF manages and awards charitable grants from a pool of community funds valued in excess of $47 million.

To date, more than $50 million in grants have been awarded.

The organization also promotes training and networking among the region’s nearly 300 nonprofits.

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