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No charges in death of man fatally shot while threatening North Hall woman
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No charges have been filed in the death of a 29-year-old Maysville man accused of threatening an elderly woman at her North Hall home.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth said James Earl Sanders was trying to get into the Graham Circle house of a 71-year-old woman on Oct. 15.

Booth said the woman heard an ATV come down the road and drop Sanders off.

“He basically is pulling on the screen door that was locked and started cursing at her, threatening her, telling her he would kill her if she called law enforcement,” Booth said.

Sanders then reportedly went to a window and picked up a couple of bricks while continuing to threaten the woman. The woman called 911.

A neighbor phoned the woman’s husband, who was working in a shop on the property. The man grabbed a shotgun, confronted Sanders and escorted him down the road.

“The guy turned back on the 73-year-old husband, started coming towards him, and (the 73-year-old) told him to stop or he would shoot him,” Booth said.

The gun went off and Sanders was shot in the neck. When asked whether the shooting was accidental or intentional, Booth said "the hammer was back on the shotgun and it went off," adding it was still under investigation. 

Hall County authorities found Sanders lying in the driveway and transported him for medical attention.

Sanders died on Oct. 17.

“They thoroughly investigated it, interviewed tons of people and no charges have been filed,”

Booth said.

This story will be updated.