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New South Hall schools could get name Monday
Superintendent favors Cherokee Bluffs for new middle, high schools at current Flowery Branch High site
08282017 NAME

A decision is expected Monday night by the Hall County Schools board on a name for its new middle and high schools set to open in August 2018 in South Hall.

Hall County Superintendent Will Schofield said Friday he plans to recommend the schools be named for Cherokee Bluffs and allow those planning the school to have the authority to decide whether it is Bluff or Bluffs.

“Actually, what they’ve asked for down there is letting them decide plural or singular after they decide on a mascot, so that will be my recommendation,” Schofield said.

Hall County Schools board meeting

When: 5 p.m. Monday

Where: Hall County Schools central office, 711 Green St., Gainesville

The school district sought input on names from those living in the attendance zone for the new schools. Schofield and board Chairman Nath Morris both said Spout Springs got the most votes for the new name. There is already a Spout Springs Elementary, but some of those students will not be in the attendance zone for the new schools, which Morris said could be a concern.

“Everybody that is in Spout Springs Elementary will not be going to Spout Springs High School,” he said. “It makes a difference.”

Cherokee Bluffs Park is located near the Sterling on the Lake community, where residents had sought unsuccessfully to be included in the attendance zone for the new middle and high schools. Craig Lutz, a member of that community, told board members two weeks ago that the name would be concerning for residents since the park is also not in the attendance zone for the new schools.

Board Vice Chairman Craig Herrington responded to Lutz by saying “the park represents the area.”

“The entire area would be considered the Cherokee Bluffs area,” Herrington said.

Morris added the board has received good input from the community. He said Friday afternoon he had not decided how he will vote on the name.

The new middle and high schools are opening to help relieve crowded conditions in South Hall. Both will be located on the current Flowery Branch High School campus. Flowery Branch High will move back to its former building where Davis Middle School is now located, and Davis will move back to its former home where South Hall Middle sits. South Hall is moving back to its former home at the Academies of Discovery.

The school district hired Wes McGee in May as the principal of the high school. Kenny Hill, currently an assistant principal at Flowery Branch High, was selected by McGee as the athletic director for the new high school earlier this month. A principal hasn’t yet been selected for the middle school.

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