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New Sheriff's Office records system causing headaches for court employees

The implementation of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office’s new records management system last week has created some issues for employees at the county courthouse.

The department’s 30-year-old records management system was recently replaced along with a  jail management system from Superion at a cost of more than $3 million.

The courthouse uses the Hall County Comprehensive Justice Information System, which involves input from sheriff’s office staff. The two systems are having trouble exchanging information.

Court Administrator Reggie Forrester said there will be a meeting on Nov. 28 with officials from the sheriff’s office on “how we can get these two systems to communicate or how we can work out getting information.”

“The concerns are that this is a brand-new system from the jail side, and the courts depend a lot on that information to run daily,” Forrester said.

Multiple courthouse employees have expressed concern about performing daily functions under the system.

“The courts and law enforcement always work together, and I’m sure they’re going to work through whatever issues there are. I am confident that that will happen,” Forrester said.

The Times reached out to the sheriff’s office to discuss the changes. Public information officer Derreck Booth said they were unable to make someone available in the short term.

“We’re a few weeks out until anyone involved with it will have a lull in their schedule and enough experience with it to provide comment/reaction,” Booth wrote in an email.