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New Dominos being built next to current store in Oakwood
Work has begun on a new, freestanding Domino’s restaurant is being built beside the current location on Mundy Mill Road in Oakwood.

A new, freestanding Domino’s restaurant is being built on Mundy Mill Road in Oakwood, next to the current location.

Unlike Domino’s Pizza locations of old, catering primarily to take-out orders, the new store will feature about 30 seats for indoor dining.

It also will have a drive-thru pickup window, “as a convenience factor for mom with a car full of kids,” owner Greg Fox said Thursday.

The new, 1,700-square-foot restaurant could open by mid-September, Fox said.

“It’s been kind of a slow go with all the site work we’re having to do there,” he said.

The makeover is part of a Domino’s initiative “where we’ve redone all our stores,” Fox said. “It’s the ‘pizza theater’ concept, where it’s much more open and inviting.”

Newly remade restaurants now include an expanded dining room area, as well as a viewing window that encourages customers to watch their pizza being made.

The Domino’s off Hog Mountain Road in Flowery Branch went through such a similar conversion in 2015.

That restaurant had been operating for 15 years before getting a face-lift.

The current Mundy Mill store, which is north of Old Oakwood Road, has been open for 30-plus years, said Fox, who’s been the owner since 2006.

Fox also plans to remodel the existing location to create a couple of retail spaces.

Plus, “we’re going to redo the parking lot and kind of clean it all up,” he said, adding that the property is “a little old and tired-looking.”

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