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Mother says son didnt pull gun on deputy
Skyler Summerour is accused of assault on an officer after evading traffic stop
Skyler Dustin Summerour
Skyler Summerour

A witness disputed the account of an Oct. 16 arrest in South Hall County, where her son was charged with assaulting a deputy.

Skyler Summerour was charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, felony obstruction of officer and failure to maintain lane after allegedly pulling his handgun on a deputy attempting to speak with him.

Summerour’s mother, Jackie Summerour, said the deputy was “hateful,” “intimidating” and “demanding” when she answered the door and he demanded to speak with her son after he had evaded a traffic stop.

In both accounts, the 24-year-old pulled up to his home on Windfield Road and went inside, the deputy trailing him, and Summerour’s mother let the deputy inside.

From there, the accounts differ.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office said Summerour “produced” a handgun, while Summerour’s mother said the weapon was never in her son’s hand.

She said the deputy approached her son from behind, yanking his arm behind his back, causing him to hit his head on a bunk bed and fall. When he fell and the deputy saw Summerour’s pistol in a holster on his right hip, the deputy quickly backed away and called for assistance, she said.

“They never asked me for a statement. They told me to ‘Shut up. He pulled a gun on a deputy,’” she testified, answering questions from Summerour’s attorney, Jed Carter.

The SWAT team responded along with hostage negotiators, Georgia State Patrol and Hall County Fire Services, and Summerour walked out of the house with his mother not long after the standoff began.

The presence of the suspect’s fiancé and a 5-year-old child prompted the heightened response, the sheriff’s office said.

The issue at hand during the Wednesday hearing was Summerour’s bond.

Assistant District Attorney Juliet Aldridge said Summerour, based on his actions that day, “is quite lucky to have been unharmed” and argued he presented a risk to himself and the community if free on bond.

Hall Magistrate Judge David Burroughs set Summerour’s bond at $25,000 after noting there were “two different versions of what happened.”

He also ordered Summerour to receive a psychological evaluation and follow any recommended treatment plan, if and when he left the jail.