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Marble from China part of garden coming to Braselton hospital
A marble water garden at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton will be made out of a certain type of marble only found in China.

If you’ve ever been to the hospital or the emergency room, you know how important it is to take a moment to step out of the building and catch your breath, Nancy Colston, president and chief development officer of the Medical Center Foundation, said.

In the near future, those seeking such a respite at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton will get to enjoy the 617-square-foot Jack and Janice Frost Water Garden, which will have a basin made out of a type of marble only found in China, where it was hand-carved.

“We tried to find the marble here,” said Jack Frost, an art connoisseur and owner of Memorial Park Funeral Homes. He and his wife, Janice, gave a “signature gift” of $100,000 to make the garden possible.

Frost frequently visits China and returned from a trip last month. He came back with the assurance that the pre-etched slabs of marble were on their way to the United States by boat.

There will also be eight panels around the sides of the basin.

There are four sides with words etched in — healing, hope, wellness and peace — and four sides with scenes of nature — meadow, forest, wetland and river. All text will be in the Times New Roman font.

The project won’t be completed for at least several months.

“We feel good that it will be finished in 2017,” said Maggie James, signature gift officer for the Medical Center Foundation. “It will be some time before it’s done.”

The water garden will sit close to the front entrance to the Braselton campus of Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

“I just wanted to do it,” Frost said.

He lives in Braselton and has donated money to other projects in the town, as well.

The marble garden wouldn’t be possible without the Frosts’ gift.

“The only way (projects like this) can happen is through philanthropy,” Colston said.

Hughes Good O’Leary & Ryan group, which is based out of Atlanta, put together the design.

The Fockele Garden Co. was also involved in the project and will be mostly used once the marble is shipped.