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Man indicted in Jack Hough slaying now accused of spitting on officer
DeMarvin Bennett

An East Point man already facing murder charges in the death of a local businessman and philanthropist is now facing a new charge related to spitting on a correctional officer, according to court documents.

DeMarvin Bennett, 24, was charged in a Feb. 26 indictment of killing James Jackson Hough. The grand jury charged Bennett with one malice murder charge and four felony murder counts in the Feb. 7 fatal shooting.

A grand jury also returned a one-count indictment of felony reckless conduct.

According to the indictment, Bennett allegedly spat on a jail officer March 18.

The charge alleges Bennett committed “an assault with the intent to transmit hepatitis.”

Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth said the officer was checked out and released.

“Mr. Bennett will enter a plea of not guilty on both cases, and he looks forward to his day in court,” defense attorney Matt Leipold wrote in a statement.

At 7:45 p.m. Feb. 7, Hough was approached while he was waiting for his wife at the CVS Pharmacy on Park Hill Drive, Gainesville police said.

Police said Hough was shot twice in the torso, and the suspect ran from the CVS.

Hough was pronounced dead at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville about an hour later.

Police said “forensic evidence developed from the scene identified” Bennett as the suspect.
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