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Man given 31 years of probation in treatment facility after assault
Demetrius Render
Demetrius Render

A Gainesville man convicted of assault was given a 31-year sentence to be served on probation in a residential treatment facility, according to court documents.

Demetrius Render, 45, was convicted in September on the charges of aggravated assault with intent to rape and false imprisonment. He was accused of assaulting a 16-year-old high school student on Sept. 3, 2016, at the Green Street Dairy Queen, according to authorities. 

Gainesville Police previously told The Times Render “lured” the girl into the bathroom and attempted to “physically and sexually assault her.”

The girl fought back and “yelled for help to draw attention,” police said.

The sentence filed March 21 said the defendant would start treatment at a facility for people with developmental disabilities within 30 days. 

“I think we found an appropriate placement for him that will both get him the treatment he needs and just as important or more importantly protect the community and make sure he’s not in a setting where he could misbehave,” defense attorney Matt Leipold said.

According to the special conditions of his probation, he will remain in the residential facility for the 31 years of probation. He will have 24-hour monitoring.

If for any reason the facility closes before the end of the 31 years, Render “shall come before the court and ordered into a new residential home,” according to court documents.

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