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Man accused of strangling woman in West Hall
Andrew Austin Mize
Andrew Austin Mize

A Gainesville man was accused of strangling a woman and holding her against her will, according to authorities.

Austin Andrew Mize, 20, was charged with aggravated assault, misdemeanor battery under the Family Violence Act and false imprisonment.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded May 11 to an Ash Circle home in West Hall.

“Deputies spoke with the victim who relayed that she was strangled and struck repeatedly by Austin Mize during an altercation. Additionally, Mize detained the victim against her will,” Lt. Scott Ware wrote in a news release.

The woman had bruises and marks on her arms, legs and back, Ware said.

She told deputies she believed Mize was inside the residence “with an aggressive dog and a firearm,” Ware said.

After hours of trying to make contact with Mize, SWAT team members and other officers entered the home. They couldn’t find Mize even after using tracking dogs.

Mize was arrested Wednesday, May 15, and no bond has been set.

The case is still under investigation.