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Man accused of fleeing authorities, abandoning 2 pounds meth on Dawsonville Highway
Hector Serrato-Vazquez
Hector Raul Serrato-Vazquez

A Forest Park man threw 2 pounds of meth out of his car while fleeing authorities Thursday on Dawsonville Highway, according to the Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad.

Authorities arrested Hector Raul Serrato-Vazquez, 34, and cleaned up the drugs that busted on the roadway.

“It appeared he was trying to make it to the bridge down there on (Ga. 53) and try to discard the methamphetamine into the river,” Lt. Don Scalia said. “It hit the concrete wall there and bounced back into the roadway.”

The drugs are worth an estimated $94,600.

Scalia said the squad had been investigating Serrato-Vazquez and attempted to take him down in a gas station parking lot near Sardis Road. He was later pursued by law enforcement.

The squad’s lieutenant said there were two packages, with one of them being discarded before the bridge.

“One of them broke in the middle of the roadway. We had to kind of scoop that up and get that repackaged,” Scalia said.

Serrato-Vazquez was charged with trafficking and possessing meth with the intent to distribute it as well as fleeing authorities and abandoning the drugs.