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Under the Gold Dome: Day 30
Full coverage of the 2011 legislative session
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State lawmakers dove through one of the busiest days on the legislative calendar Wednesday.

Crossover Day, or legislative Day 30, requires bills to move from one chamber to the other to be passed this year.
The House debated more than 40 bills, and the Senate looked at more than 50 bills.

Legislators in both chambers are still allowed to introduce local legislation through the end of the 40-day session.


Senate Bill 263: Include security cameras in the charge of criminal damage to property in the second degree.


House Bill 538: Create the Board of Locksmiths to license and register locksmiths and apprentices.
HB 539: Change the term of office for the Savannah board of education president.
HB 540: Provide a homestead exemption for the municipal ad valorem tax in Young Harris.
HB 541: Create the criminal charge of obstruction for threatening or intimidating a law enforcement officer or official.
HB 542: Allow employees to transfer service credits to the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia.
HB 543: Revise provisions for the Gwinnett County solicitor-general position.
HB 544: Allow the Doraville mayor to be a part-time position.
HB 545: Provide a homestead exemption for the municipal ad valorem tax in Doraville.
HB 546: Extend the sales tax exemption for property sales for zoological renovation or expansion.
HB 547: Provide a sales tax exemption for fuel used for cooling refrigerated shipping containers.
HB 548: Give workers' compensation for those in franchise agreements who are not considered employees.
HB 549: Create additional duties for each district and board in Fulton County.
HB 550: Change the powers and duties for the Fulton County Board of Commissioners chairperson.
HB 551: Create a Jackson County board of elections and registration.
HB 552: Allow for nonpartisan elections of Jackson County chief magistrate judges.
HB 553: Create a Habersham County board of elections and registration.
HB 554: Create a Habersham County airport authority.
HB 555: Create a city manager position for Lawrenceville.
HB 556: Enact the Integrity in Public Proceedings Act to make provisions for claims of opposing parties in public lawsuits and allow for triple damages in certain cases.
HB 557: Reconstitute the Monroe County board of commissioners for roads and revenues.

House Resolution 598: Create the Joint Study Committee on Renewable Energy Industries in Georgia to encourage the establishment of a market for renewable energy in Georgia by using and developing the state's renewable energy resources.

Both chambers also passed various resolutions to recognize special days and people.

Carolyn Crist

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