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Under the Gold Dome: Day 26
Full coverage of the 2011 legislative session
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The Senate approved legislation Tuesday that would allow billboard owners to cut trees blocking their signs from drivers.

The argument pops up each year, and senators debated for two hours about the state's beauty versus helping businesses. The measure passed 37-19 and will now move to the House.

In the House, representatives passed a bill that would streamline college readiness by requiring a stronger coordination between high schools, colleges and technical schools.

House Bill 186, passed by a 164-4 vote, would require the State Board of Education, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the Board of Technical and Adult Education to find a way for core curriculum at all Georgia public high schools to be accepted at any institution of higher education in the state for students entering high school in the fall.

The legislation would also require students on the Career, Technical and Agriculture Education pathway to take more academic core subject courses and pass end-of-course tests.


Senate Bill 235: Require the Georgia Student Finance Commission to establish the amount of HOPE scholarships awarded each year.
SB 236: Allow drivers with a suspended license who were convicted of driving under the influence to obtain a limited driving permit.
SB 237: Provide a new charter for the incorporation of the city of Summerville.
SB 238: Require a motorized wheelchair or scooter to use reflectors if operated in the public after dark.
SB 239: Allow presumption of residency under certain circumstances for drivers of vehicles displaying an out-of-state license plate.
SB 240: Create a new class of motor vehicles for personal transportation vehicles, which drive less than 20 miles per hour.
SB 241: Set December as the month for determining the eligible age to participate in educational programs.
SB 242: Allow an injured peace officer to be entitled to a disability benefit from the Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund.
SB 243: Create penalties for the offense of organized retail crime.
SB 244: Require taxes related to transient accommodations to apply to those operating the accommodations, not travel agents.
SB 245: Revise the definition of "developmental disability" for clarity.
Senate Resolution 345: Allow the General Assembly to limit tuition for the Technical College System of Georgia.
SR 353: Allow the General Assembly to limit tuition for the University of System of Georgia.


House Bill 481: Change the initial terms of office for Braselton board members.
HB 482: Change qualifications and salary for Fayette County magistrate court judges.
HB 483: Allow Bulloch County to enact the Redevelopment Powers Law to carry out community redevelopment, create tax allocation districts and issue tax allocation bonds.
HB 484: Create the Gordon County Public Facilities Authority to maintain public land and execute contracts.
HB 485: Prohibit the release of trapped feral hogs into unfenced areas under wildlife control permits.
HB 486: Restrict prepaid air ambulance services from a contract of insurance.
HB 487: Allow multi-trip permits for extra weight and dimensions for loads on vehicles.
HB 488: Clarify how a victim recovers costs for deposit account fraud.
HB 489: Prohibit contingency fee contracts to audit Medicaid.
HB 490: Allow officials to use tire clamps on trespassing motor vehicles and charge a fee to remove the clamps.
HB 491: Adopt and incorporate drug-free zones for 2011.
HB 492: Under water and sewer taxes, "municipality" includes a member of a metropolitan sewer system created by intergovernmental contracts.
HB 493: Include inflicting injury to a household animal under the crime of family violence.
HB 494: Remove the requirement for political bodies and independent candidates to file nomination petitions for ballot access.
HB 495: Allow Fayetteville to enact the Redevelopment Powers Law to carry out community redevelopment, create tax allocation districts and issue tax allocation bonds.
House Resolution 510: Urge the state government to support nuclear and renewable energy.

Both chambers also passed various resolutions to recognize special days and people.

Carolyn Crist

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