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Lawsuit alleges Riverside Military Academy negligent in preventing hazing, abuse
Former cadet claims physical, sexual assault at hands of roommate, other cadets
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Riverside Military Academy

A former Riverside Military Academy cadet who was allegedly beaten, hazed and sexually assaulted by older cadets claimed the school did little to stop the violence, according to a lawsuit filed this month.

The plaintiff, listed by initials L.A. in a lawsuit filed Nov. 15 in U.S. District Court, claimed his roommate would “beat, punch, bang his head against the wall, strongly (grab his) testicles and recruited other cadets to inflict such hazing and punishment.”

The former cadet and attorney Laurie Speed are asking the court to allow the case to continue only using initials.

Speed and co-counsel Martin Glink did not return requests for comment this week.

“We have only been made aware of the suit and are looking into the matter. Because of this we will not make any comment at this time,” Riverside marketing and public affairs director Christian Mims wrote in an email.

The lawsuit made further sexual assault allegations regarding the plaintiff’s roommates.

During the cadet’s enrollment at Riverside between 2012 and 2013, two cadets allegedly hazing him had a history of being physically abusive and should have been denied admission, according to the lawsuit.

“On various dates, Riverside exchanged emails with R.R., L.A.’s mother, who reported to Riverside Military Academy that physical abuse continued to occur against L.A., her son,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also alleged the two cadets’ abuse “was reported by plaintiff’s teachers to one or more Riverside defendants.”

Eventually, the roommate was removed and replaced with another for the plaintiff, who withdrew in April 2013.

The lawsuit is alleging “negligent failure to protect” the plaintiff from the abuse.

“On one occasion R.R. was told, ‘You know how boys are. Sometimes they fight.’ Or, ‘boys will be boys,’” according to the lawsuit.

The complaint does not make clear who made those comments to the plaintiff’s mother.

The lawsuit is seeking “compensatory damages in a sum in excess of $100,000,” punitive damages and a refund of tuition paid, which was $32,588 for 2012 and 2013.