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Lakeview students christen new recording studio
5th-graders record rendition of 'Here We Come A-Caroling'
Lakeview Academy’s Joyce Fowler leads a group of fifth-graders as they record a Christmas song inside the school’s new recording studio.


Listen to the results of the Lakeview fifth-graders’ recording session Wednesday.


Listen to the results of the Lakeview fifth-graders’ recording session Wednesday.

Fifth-grade students at Lake-view Academy can now consider themselves professional recording artists.

After spending Wednesday afternoon in the school’s new recording studio, students were able to create their own rendition of “Here We Come A-Caroling” and an original piece on concert etiquette with the direction of their music teacher, Joyce Fowler.

Although the studio has been in use only since the beginning of November, Fine Arts Director Dr. Nigel Traylor said he sees students using the studio at least two or three times each week.

“We have a talented group of kids here at Lakeview, and there’s a lot that are especially talented in music,” he said. “We’ve had a great response with the studio, and the kids are really excited about it.”

The idea for a student-run recording studio started when Traylor wanted to create a professional studio setting after seeing so many Lakeview students performing in talent shows.

“We try to help the students find their niche, and we have a lot of kids who can create music and kids who can produce the music, so we wanted everything in the studio to be done completely by the them,” Traylor said.

After speaking with Head of School Dr. John P. Kennedy in May about working a studio into the budget, Traylor got busy working out the logistics.

“We had someone give us a quote on what it would cost to get everything installed, and it was way over the budget we had,” explained Traylor.

That’s when 11th-grader Cooper Lewis stepped in and filled an online shopping cart with everything the new studio would need, including microphones, headphones and soundproof foam.

“I have to brag on Cooper, because he was the one who really got this thing together for us,” said Traylor. “He ordered all the equipment we needed and set everything in the room up, so a lot of this is his doing.”

Lewis is also the executive audio engineer for the studio.

Students can use the studio for projects, audition tapes or personal reasons during or after school hours. Traylor is also hoping to open the studio to the public in the future.

“There have been people outside the school who have been really impressed with the studio when they saw it and asked if they could come in and use it, and we’re really wanting to be able to do that,” said Traylor.

In the meantime, Lakeview’s Upper School Chorale has been doing extensive recording in the studio, including producing a version of “Carol of the Bells” that was sent to Lakeview parents as an electronic Christmas greeting card.

“We wanted parents to know this is what’s being done with their funds,” said Traylor of the greeting card. “This is going to be good for the school.”