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‘Just’ People residential complex for developmentally disabled opening Dec. 11
10292018 JUST 1.jpg
Rodney Atha, left, and Steven Smith add trim to posts at the Just People residential development in Flowery Branch Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018, as construction of the complex is nearing completion. - photo by Scott Rogers

A Dec. 11 grand opening is planned for an 84-unit South Hall residential complex for adults with developmental disabilities.

“We’re hoping (for the residents) to be moving in by the middle of November,” said Kyle Ivey, “Just” People project manager, during a visit to the property at 5640 Radford Road on Thursday, Oct. 25.

About 80 people will initially move into the $18.5 million complex, which can house 148.

“We’re trying to get it out there that we’re about to open, so if there’s anybody up here who needs the services, now’s the time to come look at the (complex),” Ivey said. “I’ve done 4-5 tours a day for new families.”

The first batch of residents will come from “Just” People residential complexes in Roswell and Lilburn.

“Just” People is a Norcross-based nonprofit organization that helps residents with conditions such as autism and issues related to traumatic head injuries, among others.

The program works with people who are considered “high-functioning,” or those who don’t need help bathing, feeding and dressing, according to “Just” People’s website.

The complex is just off McEver Road near Flowery Branch, featuring apartment buildings, a dining hall, full kitchen and a courtyard larger than a football field.

The courtyard, with a planned gazebo and fire pits, will be a social gathering spot for residents. The area will be landscaped with trees and other plants.

Future plans call for building a gymnasium on the property.

“We want it to have more of a campus feel than a regular apartment complex,” Ivey has said.

In addition to programs and services, residents also will get help finding jobs thanks to “Just” People efforts.

Those interested in becoming residents must go through an application process, attend a day program, then stay one or two nights “to see if they like the program,” Ivey has said.

There are fees and rents in the program, but residents can reduce costs by having roommates. The complex features 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units.

“Just” People seeks donations and other funding, Ivey said.

More info

Those interesting in getting more information about “Just” People or leasing opportunities at the new residential complex in South Hall can call 770-441-1188.

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