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Jefferson to sell College Street property
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JEFFERSON — After an opposing vote failed, the Jefferson City Council has approved selling a parcel of property located at 55 College St.

During the council’s regular voting session, councilman C.D. Kidd III made a motion not to sell the property and councilman Bosie Griffith seconded the action.

“There is another property, behind the police station, that we should sell first, before we consider selling this property,” Griffith said.

Both Griffith and Kidd favored the city retaining ownership of the property as a source of residual income.

The building is currently being rented by Direct Supply Co. Inc. for around $10,000 per year, with the lease expiring at the end of the year.

The company previously offered to purchase the property for $75,000. City staff estimate that the building needs around $60,000 worth of repairs.

“Originally, I was against the sale of the property, but I don’t see where the money would come from for the repairs,” council member Roy Plott said.

Griffith contended that the council didn’t have to complete all of the repairs at once. Among the things that need repair are the building’s roof and exterior masonry.

According to Mayor Jim Joiner, the city has the funds to do all of the repairs, but doing so wouldn’t be the most financially sound decision.

“This is a new kind of economy that we’re dealing with. We’re in waters that we’ve never had to tread before,” Joiner said. “We need to retain as large of a reserve as we can to cover unforeseen expenses in the future.”

After a motion was made by council member Steve Kinney to sell the property, the action passed by a vote of 3-2. Kinney, Plott and David S. Varnedoe Jr. voted to sell the property, while Kidd and Griffith voted against the motion.

“I realize that this has to be done according to Georgia law by bid or auction,” Joiner said. “And we don’t have to accept just any bid.”

According to city attorney Ronnie Hopkins, the council has the authority to set a minimum bid amount for the property.

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