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Jefferson to join property verification program
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JEFFERSON — The Jefferson City Council has decided to join county efforts to uncover additional tax revenue.

During the City Council meeting Monday, the group voted to approve the business personal property verification program initiated by the Jackson County government.

According to county officials, the audit would focus on the “items used to run or fabricate whatever the business manufactures,” instead of buildings or land.

Currently, the county is paying for the audit. Jackson officials approached its nine municipalities and school districts to help fund $110,000 for an outside firm to review personal property tax returns for county businesses.

If no extra value is discovered in the city, then Jefferson will not be responsible for helping to fund the audit. If extra value is uncovered, then a percentage of the discovered amount would be used to pay for a portion of the contract costs.

Once agreeing cities’ and school districts’ portion of the $110,000 contract was paid off, then the individual parties would be able to keep any future revenue generated from the discovered property value.

“I’m a little concerned about the wording of the contract, I recommend that you go ahead with the motion to allow the mayor to sign the contract, but allow me to review the contract before it is officially signed,” Ron Hopkins, city attorney, told council before a vote was taken. “I just want to make sure that what we were told (about not paying if no value is found) is what the contract says.”

Mayor Jim Joiner agreed to hold off on signing the document until Hopkins gives him the green light after reviewing the proposed contract.

During the meeting, Joiner also swore in city clerk Elizabeth McDonald as the election superintendent. Qualifying for municipal elections begins Aug. 31 in Jefferson.

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