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Jackson County Sheriff's cruiser ignites; deputy hurt
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A Jackson County Sheriff's patrol car erupted into flames Monday morning when a deputy was responding to a call north of Jefferson.

Maj. David Cochran, Jackson County chief deputy, said the interior of the car caught fire when Deputy Gary Cox lit a cigarette.

The incident happened on Ga. 82 North at Dry Pond Road at approximately 6:30 a.m. The Harrisburg Fire Department responded to the scene.

While an investigation is under way to determine if the fire was caused by a propane leak, propane is not being used in the department's fleet.

Engineers/technicians were to be in Jackson County on Wednesday to inspect the vehicle and attempt to identify the cause of this incident, said Maj. Cochran.

Jackson County's 63 patrol cars are adapted to run using propane or gasoline.

The deputy was taken to Athens Regional Medical Center. With burns to his face and arms, Cox was treated and released.

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