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Its not too late to donate to charity for 2011
Thbse seeking tax deductions before year's end can help agencies online
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Making donations to charities is always a good thing. Not only does it provide resources for a worthy cause but it can also give you a tax break.

And today is the last day to make a tax-deductible charitable donation for 2011.

And while the last day of the year falls on a Saturday, many charities will take donations through their websites, by mail and in person.

To find out if the charity of your choice is on the list of tax-deductible donations, visit Many religious and educational organizations are also on the list.

Holiday donations often give charities their biggest financial boost of the year.

Philip Reed, executive director of the Northeast Georgia American Red Cross, said December has brought the most individual donations.

He said several people called Friday asking about how to make a donation.

While he said he assumes some of those donations are motivated by the end-of-year tax deadline, he thinks many are the result of people wanting to specifically help families who have lost their homes to recent fires.

"Basically in the fall and winter are where we see more house fires in the area and people hear about those and read about those and we got some donations accordingly," Reed said.

The Rev. Edward Grant, director of Good News at Noon, said his shelter sees the most donations over the holidays but also throughout the year.

"There is a rise in people giving for tax reasons, but I think mostly the people who support our ministry has to do with their hearts," Grant said.

He said December is typically the best month for the charity for financial donations, but the donations for food and other necessities stay steady all year long.

"It's not always large donations. We have people who are faithful to give $25 a month," Grant said.

Reed said the dollar amount of donations can vary. But regardless of the reason for the donation or their frequency, the Red Cross is thankful just the same.

"We're appreciative of the donations and look forward to opening our mail early next week," Reed said.

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