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Investigation finds day care where child injured was operating legally
Rescue 2000 Church day care has exemption from some rules
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An investigation into Rescue 2000 Church, after reports of a child injured there, found that its day care is operating legally, according to the Department of Early Care and Learning.

DECAL began its investigation on Feb. 24 after reports surfaced of a 5-year-old girl allegedly hitting her head on a church pew, said DECAL Chief Communications Officer Reg Griffin.

“When the mother arrived, the child was asleep. (Workers) went and woke up the child and the mom noticed that she had swelling to the back of her head,” Griffin previously told The Times about the allegation.

“Because the program operates under an exemption from state rules and regulations, DECAL’s only jurisdiction was to determine if the center was operating outside its exemption,” Griffin wrote in a statement Monday. Allegations that it was operating outside that exemption were unsubstantiated.

Since October 2011, the church’s day care has been exempt from licensing requirements. Exempt status, Griffin said, can be earned based on the length of the day the services are provided or if the group doesn’t accept payment.

The center faced other claims in 2014 for allegedly operating outside of its exempt capacity, Griffin said, and those also were unsubstantiated.

No further information was available from DECAL.