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Investigation details UNG fraternity hazing, attempts at coverup; no charges
Delta Chi

An investigator tasked with exploring potential hazing by a University of North Georgia fraternity said they believe restrictive sanctions are warranted.

No one has been charged with a crime.

The Office of Student Integrity conducted an investigation into Delta Chi following allegations that were made March 28. On July 26, a University of North Georgia Police captain was asked to do a follow-up report on hazing that occurred off campus.

“Throughout this investigation, a pattern of hazing was discovered in a very young organization in the UNG Greek System. It was completely clear that since its inception on the UNG campus, hazing activities have been a part of the Delta Chi experience and culture. Members even suggested that (members) expected a certain amount of hazing to take place and were disappointed if it didn’t. These cultural factors alone should warrant a period of restriction within the UNG community. It would appear, based on the short history of the organization, that they have never had a period where hazing was not part of the organization,” according to the university investigator.

Attempts to reach a current representative for Delta Chi for comment were unsuccessful.

According to the UNG police report, there was no evidence any infractions happened on campus or within that police department’s jurisdiction.

The specific incidents of hazing during the spring 2019 semester included “forced calisthenics” such as sit-ups, push-ups, bear crawls, duck walks, running and flutter kicks.

The report said these calisthenics were “‘correction action’ for not properly responding to knowledge questions or for otherwise upsetting an active member.”

Beyond the calisthenics, members confirmed consumption of alcohol by minors provided by the fraternity’s active members as well as “participation in activities that posed a physical danger to members, specifically, being marched through the woods without vision to locate glow sticks.”

The interview process “demonstrated a high level of deception on the part of the membership,” which was later characterized as a “conspiracy to mislead university officials.”

“Members were given audio recordings of prior interviews in order to garner information and attempt to keep the story consistent about activities. Members did not appear concerned at all when confronted about this activity,” according to the report.

Under the list of recommended sanctions, the top item was immediate social probation through spring 2020.

“Additional violations of university policy or failure to complete sanctions will terminate the organizations’ recognition on the University of North Georgia campus,” according to the recommended sanctions.

“While the members of Delta Chi ultimately came forward with ‘hazing-light’ examples of what has transpired in recent years within the organization, there is a serious concern that more serious hazing may be hidden and could represent a continued threat to members of the Delta Chi Fraternity and the campus community in the future. It is imperative that immediate corrective action be issued in order to prevent any further issues associated with hazing,” according to the investigator’s comments.