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Indictment: Man threatened to ‘cut witness up in pieces’
Russell Olin Layton

A man is accused of influencing a witness after allegedly threatening to “cut the witness up in pieces and place her on the front porch” of the attorney, according to court documents.

Russell Olin Layton, 52, was charged by a grand jury Monday with aggravated stalking, influencing a witness, terroristic threats and terroristic acts. 

According to the indictment, Layton is accused of trying to deter a woman from testifying in a pending criminal case in Hall County Superior Court. The alleged threat was made against the witness and the witness’ relative, “if she did not recant and meet the defendant’s attorney,” according to the indictment.

The indictments allege these threats happened between April and May of 2017.

According to Hall County’s court docket, Layton has a pending case alleging kidnapping, false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery under the Family Violence Act, which allegedly took place in August 2016.

Layton is also accused of “calling and texting for the purpose of harassing and intimidating” the witness, which is a violation of a bond condition.

Regarding the terroristic acts charge, the man is accused of using the burning symbol of a pentagram to terrorize a person.

Layton’s attorney Hammond Law III declined to comment.

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