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Ice queen Elsa arrested as snowstorm bears down on Gainesville
0225ELSA 0001
Princess Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" poses for her mug shot after being arrested Tuesday by the Gainesville Police Department for extending winter. Elsa will be sent to Hawaii in hopes of warmer weather. - photo by Erin O. Smith

Gainesville Police couldn’t let it go any longer.

Lt. Jonathan Ottaway executed an arrest warrant Tuesday for Queen Elsa, the oft-berated head of state documented in the Disney film “Frozen.”

There’s a snowball’s chance in Arendelle that its monarch will be in Gainesville after today, though.

“We’re tired of this cold weather,” Ottaway said as Elsa attempted to gather her dress’ train into the squad car.

Public information officer Cpl. Kevin Holbrook said Elsa would be leaving on a first-class airplane ticket to Hawaii.

“Hopefully she will stay there until maybe November even December — we wouldn’t mind that,” he said.

He added that no other arrests are expected at this time.

In the court of public opinion, groundhog Gen. Beauregard Lee has come under fire — and ice — for his recent calls for an early spring.

“Obviously, we wouldn’t take his predictions to Vegas as of yet,” Holbrook said. “We’re hoping that he and Elsa will work things out before next year and give us a good prediction.”

Holbrook said there is little concern for tension between Gainesville and Arendelle, though local children may oppose the extradition.

“The children — they love the snow days — they want all the snow days they can get,” Holbrook said. “Unfortunately, I think the parents are in need of a break as well as government, law enforcement and public safety.”

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