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Hall Republican party rejects former county commissioner
Banks kicked out after allegations including abusing power, threats
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Former Hall County Commissioner Bobby Banks has been kicked out of the Hall County Republican Party.

In a letter dated Feb. 7, former party Chairman Paul Stanley informed Banks his application to renew his membership had been rejected by a unanimous vote of the executive committee.

"The committee heard evidence from other members of several events where it is alleged that you brought discredit not only upon yourself but also upon the Party as a whole," Stanley wrote.

"These allegations include your abusive use of power as an elected official, vulgar and offensive language in public, and threats to members of the party and others. In addition, you refused to participate in public debates during your last election."

Banks declined to say much about the letter.

"I'd love to blast them but I'd better not," he said. "It was a surprise, and no I'm not going to appeal it."

Party Chairman Jim Pilgrim also refused to elaborate on Banks' membership rejection.

"It's internal policy. We don't want to get into that and air things out in public," Pilgrim said.

Pilgrim said during the six years he has been involved in the party, he cannot recall any membership renewal applications being rejected.

"But before that, I can't answer that," Pilgrim said.

In the letter, Stanley wrote that the decision will not be binding upon the next executive committee, allowing Banks to reapply next year if he desires. He also said the rejection would not impact the membership of Banks' wife Connie.

Banks served one term as the representative for South Hall County in the District 1 seat on the commission. He lost his bid for re-election last summer.

Commissioner Craig Lutz beat Banks in the Republican primary runoff and went on to win the general election over Democrat Paul Wayne Godfrey.