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3 things approved by Hall County Board of Commissioners: traffic study, hardware store, subdivision
Hall County Government Center

The Hall County Board of Commissioners had a full agenda Thursday evening, and the board approved a traffic study at Capitola Farm Road and Spout Springs Road, along with a Dawsonville Highway hardware store and a 23-lot subdivision in north Hall.

A proposed 136-home subdivision on Price Road near Thompson Bridge Road was withdrawn Thursday by the applicant, homebuilder DR Horton.

Traffic study at Capitola Farm and Spout Springs Roads

Commissioners voted Thursday to approve a traffic study at the intersection of Capitola Farm and Spout Springs Road in Flowery Branch.

The intersection has been a point of debate, particularly with residents of the Sterling on the Lake subdivision, who are concerned about traffic building up on Capitola Farm Road. Spout Springs Road will be widened, with the first phase of that project set to be done in 2022.

The traffic study would be completed within 10 to 12 months of the first phase being finished. Residents have asked for a traffic signal and a break in the median at the intersection.

The commissioners approved the item as part of the consent agenda, a set of items voted on collectively.

Dawsonville Highway hardware store

A new Ace Hardware store on Dawsonville Highway at the intersection with Venture Drive was approved by four of the commissioners Thursday. Chairman Richard Higgins opposed.

The main point of debate Thursday was not whether the store should be built — the property is already zoned highway business — but whether there should be access from the store onto Venture Drive, a residential street.

Steve Gilliam, an attorney representing the applicant, said without an entrance on Venture Drive, people may have to make a U-turn and quickly switch lanes to enter the lot. Turning onto Venture Drive and entering from there would be safer, he said.

Residents disagreed, asking that the store not have an access point on Venture Drive, a recommendation the Hall County Planning Commission had also suggested.

“We’re a small neighborhood with only one means of access. We’re located on a traffic corridor with constantly increasing traffic,” Steve Haarmann said.

Commissioners allowed the access point on Venture Drive, with the condition that large trucks not be allowed past the store and not be permitted to turn left onto the highway.

Subdivision off of Mount Vernon Road

Commissioners unanimously approved a new 23-lot subdivision on Mount Vernon Road near its intersection with Ben Parks Road, although some nearby residents were concerned about losing the rural feel of their north Hall neighborhood.

Developer Kent Henderson said the 23-lot subdivision would have about one house per acre, and the Craftsman-style homes would be priced at about $350,000 to $400,000.

Many residents feared that the subdivision would compromise the rural atmosphere in north Hall.

Brandon Garrett, who lives nearby, said his family moved to the area to escape the crowded conditions in larger cities.

“I go home and I look at the place where I live, and I look around me and I see space and it’s relaxing,” he said.

The commissioners unanimously approved the neighborhood under the condition that the homes would be a minimum of 1,800 square feet each. Some residents had previously questioned the smaller size of the proposed homes at a planning commission meeting.