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Hall animal shelter taking 50 dogs north
Adoption event hosted by Best Friends Pet Care in NY
Nicole Green, left, and Christa Decker stack crates of dogs Thursday at the Hall County Animal Shelter. The dogs are bound for White Plains, N.Y., for an adoption event. - photo by Tom Reed

The Hall County Animal Shelter has 50 dogs that are about to find a new home, but it won't be Hall County — or even in the South, for that matter.

The shelter is participating in an adoption event hosted by Best Friends Pet Care in White Plains, N.Y.

Hall County veterinarian Meghan Seabolt said she expects nearly 600 animals from all across the country to be adopted at the event.

Many of the dogs come from overcrowded southern shelters and are shipped to the North where there's a shortage of unwanted pets.

"They want to do the right thing and adopt a shelter animal," Seabolt said. "But there just aren't any shelter animals up there to adopt."

She attributed the North's shortage to many factors, namely a different attitude toward animals.

"I think it's just a different mentality," she said. "They're treated more as pets then animals. People (in the North) make sure they're spayed and neutered (and) make sure they don't have multiple litters."

Seabolt said the Hall County Animal Shelter takes in about 200 new animals each week but only has room to house 320.

"With our intake numbers that high, we have to keep moving them through," she said.

"So the ones that run out of time at the shelter, we try to get those guys out into foster and then slated to go on a trip like this."

Seabolt will be one of five workers from the shelter who will attend the event. She said they'll be there to talk to potential adopters and match the dogs with a good home.

"That'll be a big part of our job," she said.

"We'll tell their stories and try to fit the people to the animals. ... We try to learn about them so we can find the right home."


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