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Hall accepts Lula's sludge with condition
Either party can terminate the agreement with notice
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Verizon Wireless will conduct a “balloon test” at its proposed new cell tower site in western Hall County.

The large balloon will be flown Oct. 19 at the height of the proposed tower on 5475 Allen Drive, Oakwood.

“It’s so that people can visually see that’s how high the cell tower is going to be,” Commissioner Billy Powell said at the Thursday voting session of the board. “However, the applicant is only required to contact those property owners that are within 500 feet of the subject property.”

There are 2,344 parcels of property that would need to be contacted, according to Powell. A map of the area can be found on the county’s website,


Hall County commissioners will allow the city of Lula to deposit its sludge in the county’s landfill, with one condition.

“That is to add a termination clause that says either party hereto may, by written notice, terminate this agreement,” said Commissioner Craig Lutz at the Thursday voting session of the board.

The termination date would be 365 days after written notice.

Needing a place to deposit its dewatered sludge, the city of Lula approached the county for use of the landfill.
“That’s perfectly fine, that’s what the landfill is for,” Lutz said.

But, he said, the landfill has an expiration date of its own of around 30 years.

“The agreement didn’t have any kind of termination on it, so you don’t want to be on the hook of disposing of something if you didn’t have anywhere to dispose of it,” Lutz said.

The county has similar sludge-dumping agreements with Gainesville and Oakwood, but neither of those have termination clauses. Lutz said he would be willing to discuss that option with those cities.

“I would think not only from a Hall County perspective, but from a Lula perspective, you need to have some way of getting out of it,” he added. “What would happen if they found a better rate in White County, or some other place?”

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