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Guilty verdict a relief to slain taxi drivers colleagues
Misty Moran sentenced to life in prison for murder of Isaias Tovar-Murillo
Misty Moran enters Hall Conty Superior Court Thursday morning for closing statements in her murder trial, where she was convicted in the death of Isaias Tovar-Murillo.

With a life prison sentence for a Gainesville woman Thursday, Erbey Rebollar said he hopes the message is clear.

“Hopefully with this case with what happened to our driver, to our friend, that if someone else tries to do something like that, they know what they’re expecting,” Rebollar said regarding the slaying of taxi driver Isaias Tovar-Murillo, 46.

Misty Moran, 39, was sentenced to life in prison Thursday for shooting Tovar-Murillo in the back of the head March 15 during an attempted robbery.

The 46-year-old man was found in the woods near Barrett and Dorsey Peek roads after his taxi rolled into a resident’s backyard.

Rebollar and the family running Taxi El Palmar said the business has reverted back to normal since Tovar-Murillo’s death. In the weeks following the shooting, drivers were more cautious about the calls they took.

Arturo Tovar, the victim’s brother, said he was glad to see Moran was found guilty.

“We can’t say happy, but we’re thankful that justice has been done,” Rebollar said.

Moran received a life sentence plus 20 years, which included 15 years for the violation of the Georgia Street Gang and Terrorism Prevention Act, and five years for possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Before Tovar-Murillo’s death, the Rebollars said they had never had a person in the taxi pull a weapon on the driver, though there had been robberies in the past.

In testimony during Moran’s trial, Tovar-Murillo was considered one of the hardest-working employees, a man working long hours to make ends meet.

Three co-defendants with Moran pleaded guilty in August to avoid prosecution for felony murder. Nicholas Allen Gonzalez, 24, Justin John Adams, 22, and Ignacio Mondragon, 21, all of Gainesville, agreed to a guilty plea for attempted armed robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and violation of the Georgia Street Gang and Terrorism Prevention Act.

Margarita Leanos, a fourth co-defendant, 28, will have her case heard Monday in Superior Court Judge Jason Deal’s courtroom.

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