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Grant helps Quinlan continue dedication to arts
$30,000 will go toward operational costs
Quinlan Visual Arts Executive Director Amanda Kroll, left, and administrator Margaret Tingley discuss an upcoming show scheduled for June. The Quinlan was one of 10 recipients of a grant from the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund.

With everyone keeping close tabs on their budgets these days, a recent grant awarded to the Quinlan Visual Arts Center gives the organization a little breathing room.

The center was selected as one of 10 recipients for a grant from the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund.

"We’re elated to have been selected, especially since this is the second year that we’ve received one of their grants," said Amanda Kroll, executive director at the Quinlan. "They’ve taken a look at some of the best organizations in Georgia, and they decided to invest their dollars in us. That recognition is as valuable as the monetary award — it’s affirmation that we must be doing something right."

The Quinlan is located on Green Street in Gainesville and hosts at least seven major art exhibitions each year. The facility also offers summer camps for kids and various art education courses and workshops.

Last year, the center received $40,000; this year it received $30,000. The money will be used to cover operational costs like paying utility bills, advertising and supporting facility programs.

"While the worst of the economic difficulties may be over, the financial challenges for arts organizations are no less severe," said Lisa Cremin, director of the arts fund. "On top of decreased corporate and foundation support and declines in ticket incomes, arts organizations are also coping with state budget cuts to an already weak public funding program. We know that every dollar counts for arts organizations in our 23-county region."

Kroll said the Quinlan has had to be creative and watchful of the money it does have.

"Donations and grants are very important to us because we are a nonprofit organization," Kroll said. "... We’re always looking for new, potential partnerships to do something different or to improve existing programs."

The arts fund is an initiative of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and is designed to provide opportunities to strengthen arts organizations. Grants are awarded twice each year — once in the spring and again in the fall.

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