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Gillsville woman missing for 6 months
Investigator plans to turn case over to GBI
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Brenda Mashburn

A Habersham County family is in anguish over a loved one who has not called or visited home in nearly six months.

Sisters of Brenda Burton Mashburn, 50, say the woman's absence is uncharacteristic, and they are working with the Banks County Sheriff's Office in hopes of discovering where she is.

"All we can do is try," said Beverly Logan, Mashburn's sister.

Family members reported Mashburn's disappearance to deputies on Oct. 4. Investigator Dan McDuffie would not discuss details of his investigation, which changed courses Tuesday.

McDuffie met with Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents to discuss what he knows about Mashburn and her disappearance. He planned to turn the case over to the state agency believing it may have additional resources to locate the woman.

"I will say at this time, there is nothing that has led me to believe there is any foul play," McDuffie said. "It has just been running so long that I'm going to call someone in because I've had no leads (resulting in) contact with this person."

McDuffie confirmed that Mashburn was living in Gillsville at the time of her disappearance.

Her family went on to say Mashburn was residing with her longtime boyfriend, William Greenway, at a mobile home in the 900 block of Henderson Road.

"She has two boys. They're grown," Logan said. "They haven't heard from her either."

Mashburn's mother Thelma Burton, 72, said she last spoke to her daughter on Aug. 26 and followed deputies' request that she wait to file a missing person report.

Thelma Burton's worries intensified after her daughter's birthday Nov. 21 as well as the
Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Personal appearances, calls or cards are standard for her oldest child, her mother said.

Betty Burton, Mashburn's youngest sister, and her mother said they recovered Mashburn's purse from someone who knew her. Her driver's license and Social Security card were inside, items she typically would not have left behind.


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