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Georgia voter turnout hits a record with more than 76.5 percent in Nov. 8 election
Cindy Vetter casts her vote Nov. 8 at Gainesville First United Methodist Church along with dozens of other voters shortly after the polls opened at 7 a.m. More than 78 percent of Hall County voters cast ballots, with the turnout 76 percent statewide.

ATLANTA — However one views results of the November election for national and local offices, there’s no denying one fact: Voter interest was never higher in Georgia.

More than 76 percent of registered Georgia voters cast ballots in November’s contests, a new turnout record for the state.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced the final results Tuesday. His office had previously predicted turnout in the Nov. 8 general election would break a state record for votes cast in an election.

The turnout numbers were even higher in Hall County, where 78.5 percent of voters cast ballots, a total of 71,396 out of the 90,878 people registered.

Kemp says more than 4.1 million people voted early or on Election Day this year statewide out of 5.4 million active registered voters.

The record previously was more than 3.9 million votes during the 2008 fall elections.

“I am thrilled to see Georgian’s enthusiasm this cycle,” Kemp said. “Voters turned out in record numbers for the (March) SEC Primary, and that trend has continued all year long.”

Nationwide estimates show more than 58 percent of eligible voters went to the polls, about equal with numbers from the last presidential election in 2012.