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Gas prices going higher, but still lower than 2014
Summer costs still lowest since 2009
Austin Gowder drops by the RaceTrac on McEver Road Thursday afternoon to fill his Lanier Landscape mowers. Gas prices have surged over the past week.

The cost of gasoline has been on the rise for several weeks now, with regular unleaded prices inching past the $2.50 mark. On the plus side, drivers are currently paying some of the lowest summer rates since 2009.

An official with AAA The Auto Club Group says that prices will likely start going down again before the end of June.

“It’s creeping up slowly here in Georgia,” said Garrett Townsend, Georgia Public Affairs Director for AAA. “But prices should begin to drop later this month.”

Danny Jennings of Gainesville, who fueled up his new Toyota Tundra on Thursday at the BP on Thompson Bridge Road, said a drop in prices can’t come soon enough.

“The lower they go, the less stressed I am about making payments on this,” Jennings said, tapping the shiny finish of his factory-fresh pickup truck. It was $2.55 per gallon on Thursday at the BP.

Amy Mills, who also got gas Thursday at the BP, said gas price increases are “just one of those things you can’t control, so there’s no reason to get too worried about it.”

Sean Clark of Flowery Branch pumped gas into his green Nissan Pathfinder at the Chevron on E.E. Butler Parkway, where it was $2.85 per gallon

“It’s gotten bad, but it’s not that bad,” Clark said. “It could be worse, that’s for sure.”

In fact, it could be, and has been. This time last summer gas prices averaged $3.56 per gallon in Georgia. Currently, it costs an average of $2.67 per gallon to fuel up in Georgia and $2.78 per gallon in the Atlanta area.

Townsend said Georgia drivers will see a slight increase beginning in July, as a state transportation bill will lift prices an average of about 6 cents a gallon.

“At the end of the day, we’re still paying some of the lowest summer prices in years,” Townsend said.

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