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Gainesvilles commercial streets may soon look brighter at night
Georgia Power converting lighting to LED
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Nighttime traveling could get a little easier soon for motorists traveling in Gainesville’s commercial areas.

A Georgia Power contractor will be canvassing the Gainesville area starting this week as the utility company goes about converting high-pressure sodium roadway lights to new energy efficient LEDs, according to a Gainesville press release.

The company has converted 50,000 lights across the state and expects to be in Gainesville through March converting about 1,800 lights.

The work will not include any neighborhood or subdivision lighting at this time, the city said.

Nick Burnett, the city’s traffic operations superintendent, didn’t have a list of the streets where the work would take place or a schedule for the work, deferring to Georgia Power.

But, he said, “it’s going to be pretty much everywhere throughout the city, wherever there is Georgia Power lighting.”

Burnett said he believes the LEDs have many benefits, including that they “provide a broad spectrum of white light, making it easier for us to see street signs and pedestrians — which is better for safety.”

LED lighting “is directed to stay more on roadways and is spread more evenly, providing a better quality of lighting,” he said. “And the LEDs use less energy to produce the same amount of light and deliver a significantly longer lifespan.”

Georgia Power is paying for the conversion.