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Gainesville leaders say they will seek re-election
Sam Couvillon2014
Gainesville City Councilman Sam Couvillon

Gainesville Mayor Danny Dunagan said on Thursday that he intends to run for re-election this year.

“I enjoy serving the city and the citizens of Gainesville,” he said.

And like dominoes falling, council members George Wangemann and Sam Couvillon also said they would each seek another four-year term in November.

Qualifying for candidates is scheduled for August.

Dunagan said he is seeking another term so that he can see several transportation and economic development projects through.

Wangemann, who has now served on the City Council for 30 years, said he is leaning against a run for mayor but intends to seek another four-year term to the Ward 4 seat.  

Wangemann said he remains committed to the residents of Gainesville, his health is good and his relationships with city workers are strong.

“I certainly want to do the will of the people,” he added.

However, Wangemann said he is “not out to break Bob Hamrick’s record,” citing the former councilman who spent 46 years as an elected official in Gainesville before retiring in 2015.

Finally, Couvillon said he will seek a second term as the Ward 1 representative after a successful first stint.

“I see a lot of exciting things happening with the city of Gainesville,” he said. “I have found the past three years to be very rewarding while meeting and working with the citizens. We have seen the city grow and adapt to many challenges like transportation and downtown development.”