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Gainesville gets faster accident report system
Citizens will be able to access documents online
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Car wrecks are frustrating enough, but having to wait several days to get a copy of the accident report makes it that much worse.

However, some of that frustration could be reduced for drivers who are involved in a wreck in the city of Gainesville.

The Gainesville Police Department has adopted the Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System, which is intended to make the completion of collision reports more efficient.

"It allows the citizens to access the reports online rather than having to come to the police department," Public Information Officer Kevin Holbrook said.

Compared to the average four to five business day wait to receive a report, the electronic system will have a period of one to two days.

"After being involved in an accident, that's already an experience in itself, so this simplifies the process," Holbrook said.

Most accident reports are completed by an officer in his or her patrol car at the scene. The report is then made available online.

Depending on the severity of the wreck and the investigation, reports could be available as early as that same day. By visiting, a report can be printed from any computer.

The system is especially helpful to people who are involved in an accident but don't live in the area, Holbrook said.

"With Gainesville being the hub of North Georgia, many of the citizens involved in accidents don't necessarily live in Hall County, so this does make the process a lot easier for them," he said.

Not only is timeliness a benefit of the system, but other factors also influenced the department's decision to use it.

Police department's across the state are required to report all accidents to the Department of Transportation, which Holbrook said will be much easier with the new system.

It's also intended to save the department and taxpayers money by reducing paper and clerical costs.

"In the long run it will save us funds and it saves in many different ways," Holbrook said.

Just as obtaining a report from the police department, a fee is still required to print the report from the system.

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