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Ga. Supreme Court upholds conviction in Valentines Day murder-for-hire
Woman accused of helping friend arrange to have her husband killed
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The Georgia Supreme Court upheld the murder conviction of a woman involved in a 2010 murder-for-hire that killed a man on Valentine’s Day in Hall County.

Lynitra McKale Ross appealed her life prison sentence on the grounds that the cellphone records linking her to her friend Stacey Morgan Schoeck and Reginald Coleman should not have been admitted as evidence. The three were convicted in 2012 on murder charges in a plot to kill Schoeck’s husband Richard Schoeck on Valentine’s Day.

Justice Harold Melton wrote in his opinion that Ross did not have standing to challenge the data release because the records showing call locations are the property of the phone company.

The phone records revealed a call between Coleman and Ross around 8:40 p.m. Feb.14, 2010, when Hall County investigators believe the murder happened. The cell tower near Belton Bridge Park in Lula placed Coleman at the park at the time of Richard Schoeck’s death.

Stacey Schoeck told her husband she wanted to meet him at the park that day.

Investigators believe Richard Schoeck walked toward the car at the park and was shot by Coleman.

“Ross did not own the ‘tower dump’ records, and the records were not used to show the location from which Ross received Coleman’s call when they were in contact with each other around the time of the murder,” the opinion states. “Thus, at least as to Ross, the ‘tower dump’ cellphone records at issue here are no different than telephone billing records, which are business records owned by the telephone company, not the defendant.”

Stacey Schoeck worked with Ross at Georgia Spine and Neurosurgery Center. Ross was in a relationship with Coleman, who agreed to the plot in killing Richard Schoeck.