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Former Hall County victim advocate now working for state's highway safety office
Brewer resigned position with sheriff's office following alcohol incident
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Jim “Bimbo” Brewer, a former Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy who resigned last fall after an alcohol-related incident, has taken a position with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Director Harris Blackwood confirmed Tuesday.

“James Brewer is a planner in our law enforcement services division,” Blackwood said. “The position was vacant and followed the departure of our division director to another state agency. The previous holder of the position was promoted.”

Blackwood said Brewer is in “good standing” for the position.

Brewer, who was a longtime victim/witness advocate for the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, was off duty on Sept. 30 when dispatch called him concerning “several major incidents requiring advocacy,” the sheriff’s office reported in September.

While at Northeast Georgia Medical Center assisting with a fatal car crash, a fellow officer noted the odor of alcohol on Brewer’s breath and notified his supervisor, the office said. An Alco-Sensor test was positive for the presence of alcohol on his breath.

The office’s Code of Conduct states that “employees shall not ... appear for duty, or be on duty while influenced by intoxicants, or drive any agency vehicle while his/her blood alcohol level is above .00 percent.”

Brewer resigned following the incident.

“Mr. Brewer has been working in law enforcement for approximately 15 years and holds (Peace Officer Standards and Training Council) certification,” Blackwood said. “He resigned from his previous position and his law enforcement certification is in good standing with no disciplinary action.”

Brewer’s salary is $59,292 and he began his work at the office on June 1, Blackwood said.

Blackwood and Brewer once hosted a local radio show together.

In September, Brewer had said that at the time he was called he was “sitting at home, reading a book and drinking a glass of wine.”

He said after the incident that he was “tremendously embarrassed about it and sorry,” and added that, “Having said that, I can honestly and truly say that I can’t see that I did anything wrong. I did my duty as I saw it and as I felt like I had to do it. I didn’t feel like I had any real options.”

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