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Flowery Branch woman finds $100 in envelope from stranger
Mother, son receive gift in parking lot, donate it to church
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Beth Primrose and her 22-year-old son Radford were simply hitting up the grocery store for a few last-minute Christmas supplies.

Her son, home from college on break, went ahead of her to get a shopping cart at Publix in Oakwood. As the Flowery Branch woman got out of her car, a man she didn’t know drove up and asked, “Can I give you something?”

Seeing her son walking back with the cart gave Primrose enough confidence to approach the vehicle, take the envelope and thank the stranger.

Once the man drove off, Primrose and her son opened the envelope to find a card with a manger scene on it. Inside the unsigned card was a $100 bill.

After hearing about similar acts of kindness on Facebook, Primrose said she and her son both quickly realized what was happening.

“He said the same thing I did: ‘I knew what was in there as soon as he handed it to you,’” Primrose said.

She said after realizing what was in the envelope she felt bad for feeling leery about walking up to the stranger.

Before she and her son even walked into the store, Primrose said “I can’t keep this.”

She donated the $100 to the Christmas Eve Offering at her church, Sugar Hill United Methodist Church. The offering collected by the church helps meet a variety of needs in the community.

“We both felt that right away, that we were fortunate and we wanted to pass it on to someone else,” Primrose said.

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