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Family of suspect charged in chaplain's murder offers condolences
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Family members of a Cleveland man charged in the murder of a youth minister reached out Friday with condolences.

In a handwritten, one-page letter delivered to The Times, family members of 20-year-old Joey Dyer call the death of the Rev. Frank Harris Jr. "senseless" and said they are praying for his family. The letter is signed "Joey Dyer’s Family."

Dyer and 29-year-old Jennifer Dawn Lineberger are charged with stabbing Harris and running him over with his car Sunday night. Harris, a 44-year-old married father of three from Clermont who worked as a hospice chaplain and youth minister, is believed to have offered the two a ride from Gainesville to Cleveland.

The following is the full text of the letter:

"The Family of Joey Dyer would like to express their deepest sympathy to the Family of the Rev. Frank Harris Jr. We are so very sorry that this has happened. We are still trying to understand why a senseless death had to occur. We know this doesn’t offer you much peace, and that it won’t bring Rev. Harris back to you, we just wanted let you know we are truly sorry for what happened and that we are praying for your family. God Bless you always.


Joey Dyer’s Family"