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Event celebrates, promotes community health
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District 2 Public Health has a pretty large goal — and coverage area.

The department's mission is to "promote and protect the health of people in Georgia wherever they live, work, and play," especially within its 13 county region - which includes Hall County.

During a special ceremony Saturday, the group recognized community members and organizations that have helped further that cause.

"The recipients of the Health Champion Award are those people that have done a lot to help our community," said Orisa Durggin of District 2.

Among the recipients were the Sunshine Seniors.

"We're trying to save people from obesity," said Elizabeth Westbrook, a member of Sunshine Seniors.

Since starting in 2002, the senior group has done many projects to improve community health, from providing wheelchair ramps to the disabled, to opening a fresh fruit and vegetable stand.

The stand started at Fair Street Elementary School, but since has been relocated to the Hall County Health Department on Athens Street.

The group says their ultimate goal of the stand is to encourage more Hall County residents to eat healthier.

Community health isn't limited to just physical well-being, it also deals with overall well-being. During Saturday's ceremony, the health district also recognized several Community Health Champions, including Newtown Girls Leadership, a subsidiary of the Newtown Florist Club.

In addition to learning leadership skills, the girls have participated in a number of service projects like creating a community garden.

THINK — Teaching Harmony Integrity Nurturing and Knowledge — a leadership group for boys was also recognized as a Community Health Champion.

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