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Local reaction: Hall voters talk about decisions
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"We’ve been busy. There’s been a steady flow all day. We’ve had a slew of young people, and some of them have never voted before. We’re excited about that."

Alpha Pittman, poll worker at Gainesville II precinct

"I have not missed a single election since 1972. Even when I was overseas, I voted absentee. My brother died in Vietnam, and I think we paid our dues for the right to vote.

I think we need a new change in America’s direction. And I think it’s very important that every young person become part of the process. They were waiting for a candidate they liked."

Rev. Charles Dickey

"This was my first time to vote. I’m excited about this experience. A lot of people my age don’t come out and vote, and I think everybody should. They might not think it makes a difference now, but in the long run it will."

Janay Bailey, 20

"This is one of the most exciting times to be an American. You have a female running for president and an African-American. I never thought in my lifetime I would experience an African-American running and having a chance.

Even if (the two Democratic candidates) become a ticket, to me it doesn’t matter which one becomes president and which is vice president, because I think with either one there will be changes.

The Republicans got us into this (war). I hope they don’t put another Republican in there, because enough is enough."

Cece Dixon

"Things have been pretty smooth. It’s been steady all day, but we haven’t been bombarded."

Alwayne Randolph, precinct manager at New Holland precinct

"I vote in every election. I wasn’t especially excited about this one. But it (the Democratic race) is going to make history either way."

Walter Buffington

"This (election) is very important to me. Hillary (Clinton) cannot happen. I had been for Fred Thompson (who dropped out). Then Rudy (Giuliani), possibly, and then there he goes. I couldn’t do McCain. So it came down to who was electable (among Republicans). But I have to say I was very impressed with Obama. And the 10-year-olds I teach (at Riverbend Elementary) think he’s really cool."

Michele Taylor

"We had lines when we opened this morning. People had to wait up to an hour. Then it was steady all day, with surges when buses came in from Lanier Village (retirement community). The backup has been not at the voting machines, but during the processing (such as verifying voters’ addresses). Once they get to the machines, all they have to do is vote for president, so it’s really quick."

Joan Bridges, poll manager at West Whelchel precinct

"I vote in every election. I’m a Christian, so (I judge a candidate on) if he or she aligns with my faith and is an honest person. I liked some (aspects) of one candidate, and some of another. The first priority was my faith. Second, do I feel safe (in the world)? And third, the economy."

Stephen Jones

"I had a hard time making a decision. It was a little more clear-cut in the last election, because we had an incumbent president.

I voted for the one whose platform I felt most comfortable with. Obviously the war (was an issue), and immigration. But even though I’m a Republican, I also looked for someone more pro-environment than the typical mainstream Republican. But there was no perfect candidate."

Jim Edge

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