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Cagle awed by Palins speech in St. Paul
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Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle said the speech Thursday night by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was "awesome."

Cagle flew to St. Paul, Minn., on Wednesday to attend the convention and was in the arena when Palin delivered her much-anticipated speech.

"There was nervous anticipation, because this was the first introduction," Cagle said. "The expectations were very high, not only on the floor, but for the national audience. She not only met expectations, she exceeded them."

He called her intelligent and charming and said her demeanor is very genuine.

"She sent a very strong message that she is going to fight for values she believes in and has a record of doing that. I think it complements John McCain, and I cannot imagine a better choice to be his running mate," Cagle said.

"What people want is someone that shares their values, and they can believe has their best interest at heart," he said. "How can you walk away from last night and not realize that this is a person that cares deeply, as does John McCain? I think it’s a ticket that’s going to be victorious."

When Cagle was running for lieutenant governor in 2006, McCain came to Atlanta to help with a fundraiser. Cagle said he already is returning the favor.

"I’ve been active raising money for him and doing some grass-roots organizing for him," Cagle said. "We’re not taking Georgia for granted."

The evening was equally exciting for Bettye Chambers of Buford, a 9th District alternate to the convention.

"(Wednesday night) was electric, and the delegate and alternates were at a fever pitch, especially with the speech delivered by Gov. Sarah Palin," Chambers said in an e-mail. "She certainly appears to have brought a great deal of energy to this campaign."

Mike Freeman, a member of the Hall County Democratic committee, said that while he and Palin are opposites in political philosophy, he gave her high marks for the speech.

"I was very impressed with her as an individual," Freeman said. "I think she is articulate, bright, attractive and despite what my Democratic friends say, I think she is a person of experience."

He applauded her for taking on the Republican establishment in Alaska.

"It was a great strategic move on McCain’s part," Freeman said.

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