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How Gainesville Schools managed to save $31,000 on purchase of Chromebooks for students
Gainesville School Board Office

The Gainesville City School System will be saving more than $30,000 on the purchase of 4,100 Chromebooks for elementary students.  

The Gainesville board of education originally approved a $1,219,200 purchase for the Chromebooks in mid-August. However, according to chief technology officer Jill Hobson, the school system put a second bid out because there was a problem with a “specific part number for the G8 11EE Chromebooks that we had originally asked for.”  

After putting out a second bid, the total price on the Chromebooks came out to $1,187,667.50, or $31,532.50 less than the previous bid.  

Hobson said the school district will still be receiving the same type and amount of Chromebooks, but using a newer part number for the bid led to a decrease in cost.  

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