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Deputy responding to call collides with other car
Officer at fault by 'hyper-technicality'
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A Gainesville woman told Georgia State Patrol she didn’t see or hear the Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy responding to a call Wednesday evening with his emergency lights and sirens running, according to authorities.

Georgia State Patrol responded around 7 p.m. Wednesday to an incident near the intersection of E.E. Butler and Jesse Jewell parkways.

Deputy Aaron Nguyen, 31, was traveling southbound on E.E. Butler Parkway with his lights and sirens on to respond to a call, while Mildred Brewer, 81, of Gainesville, traveled eastbound on Jesse Jewell Parkway.

“She didn’t see him or hear him,” GSP Cpl. Dallas Van Scoten said. “The deputy was clearing the roadway, and they hit.”

No one was injured in the incident, and both vehicles were towed.

Van Scoten said Nguyen was at fault by a “hyper-technicality.”

“You technically have to clear every intersection and get permission when you go through a red light from every person that you’re crossing into their lane,” Van Scoten said.

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